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Find information for bidding on upcoming construction projects and service opportunities; submitting requests for proposals and qualifications; and accessing valuable information to keep you informed of the procedures and processes for a successful bidding experience. 


Current Bidding Opportunities

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Sep 9, 2019

RFQ: 56th Avenue Widening - Peoria Blvd To Peña Blvd

The City and County of Denver is seeking a design engineering team for professional services necessary to provide basis of design and procurement documents necessary for the Design-Build contract for the widening of the 56th Ave. from Peoria Blvd to Peña Blvd. Services include, but are not limited to, preliminary roadway engineering, project management, preliminary geotechnical investigations, preliminary mixed-use path design, procurement document creation, and public involvement. Support services during construction may be added once the construction documents are complete.

Aug 28, 2019

Contract 201951453 Lindsey Flanigan Courthouse Courtroom Buildouts

*** NEW BID OPENING DATE *** The Lindsey Flanigan Courthouse (“the Courthouse”) Courtroom Buildouts will include the construction of new courtrooms, jury deliberation rooms with restrooms, judge’s chamber with restrooms, holding areas including cells, visitation rooms, and conference rooms all within existing shell spaces inside the Courthouse. These shell spaces include much of the infrastructure for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Limited demolition will be required as a result. Furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) composed of audio visual and network systems as well as furniture will also be included. Each courtroom will require custom millwork and acoustic wall treatments.

Aug 27, 2019

Contract 201951576 2019 Neighborhood Sidewalk Repairs, Phase 1

Contractor will go into neighborhood regions designated by the City and repair concrete or flagstone sidewalk that has been identified by City personnel as non-compliant with City codes. Repairs may include slab leveling, joint grinding or stone replacement. Landscape/irrigation system protection/replacement and traffic/pedestrian control are ancillary to the contract and will be paid for separately. It is estimated that 20% of this contract’s work will be performed Citywide and 80% in the sidewalk repair district.


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