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Find information for bidding on upcoming construction projects and service opportunities; submitting requests for proposals and qualifications; and accessing valuable information to keep you informed of the procedures and processes for a successful bidding experience. 


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Jun 24, 2019

Contract 201950758 2015 Traffic Signal Upgrade - Mill Levy 9

This is the 2015 Traffic Signal Upgrade – Mill Levy Package #9 project. The overall objective of this project is the redesign and reconstruction of eight (8) traffic signals within the City and County of Denver. The locations of these traffic signals are at the following intersections: 1. 17th Ave & Sherman St 2. 17th Ave & Grant St 3. 17th Ave & Logan St 4. 17th Ave & Washington St 5. 17th Ave & Clarkson St 6. 17th Ave & Franklin St 7. 17th Ave & Williams St 8. 16th Ave & Downing St In addition to the traffic signal improvements, there will be improvements made to curb ramps, sidewalk, curb and gutters, curb returns, storm sewer inlets and manholes at each intersection for enhanced pedestrian access as necessary. Ramp improvements will be designed and constructed to current CCD standards and specifications. In addition, there may be additional damaged sidewalks, curb and gutter and curb returns adjacent to the ramps that will need to be upgraded. Existing storm sewer inlets and manholes at the intersections may also require relocation or resetting.

Jun 17, 2019

Contract 201950653 Traffic Signal Upgrade Mill Levy Pkg 13

To rebuild 5 traffic signals located within a major arterial corridor to enhance signal visibility and address safety issues. The locations of these signals are at: 9th Ave & Downing St; 7th Ave & Downing St; Virginia Ave & Downing St; Kentucky Ave & Downing St; Louisiana Ave & Downing St. The traffic signal upgrade construction scope of work includes the removal and replacement of the outdated and aging traffic signals with a current CCD standard mast arm traffic signals. This includes new 12" signal indications, 16" countdown pedestrian faces, ATC controller and backup UPS, infrared vehicle detection systems, emergency pre-emption system, close circuit TV to monitor traffic, and Ethernet switch for communication. Other scope of work in this project include new civil construction (i.e. ADA compliance curb ramps/curb returns, sidewalks, curb/gutter and storm sewer improvements), new sign package, and paint/pavement marking package for all 5 locations.

Jun 12, 2019

Contract 201950597 Jackson St. Storm, Phase 1

The Jackson St Storm Phase 1 project connects to the 14'x7' concrete box at the north side of Colfax Avenue and Jackson St. and replaces a 90" brick main in vacated Jackson St. with 126" RPMP to 14th Avenue. A 10' x 8' concrete box is also installed in 14th Avenue from Jackson St. approximately half way to Harrison St.

May 29, 2019

Contract 201950389 27th Street Storm Interceptor Phase 2

* NEW BID OPENING DATE * The 27th Street Interceptor Project will improve drainage conditions in Basin 0062-1 by utilizing an existing 108" diameter storm system approximately 200' west of the 27th St. and Blake St. intersection in the Coors Field Parking lot. Phase 2 extends from the 27th and Arapahoe St southeast to 27th and Welton St. construction includes open cut of large diameter storm sewer and its associated facilities.

May 22, 2019

Contract 201950316 General Storm - Valverde

The Valverde storm project will improve drainage conditions in Basin 0064-02 by installing a 42" diameter storm pipe in W. Alameda Ave. and abandoning an existing undersized drainage system consisting of failing corroded metal pipe outside of the City ROW without easements. The project will convey storm water from the sumps on Decatur St., Dale Ct., and Clay St., to W. Alameda Ave. The 42" storm pipe will tie into the existing storm system near Bryant St. Other areas of work include water utility relocations, restoration of paving, landscaping and flatwork where storm system construction impacts existing improvements.

Jan 24, 2019

RFQ: 16th Street Mall Design-Build Project

The goal of the project is to utilize state and local funds as well as U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) grant funds to reconstruct and renovate the 16th Street Mall to increase opportunities for public use of the Mall as an iconic civic space for leisure, commerce, and tourism; address the deteriorating infrastructure which will allow for reasonable maintenance frequency and reduce costs to businesses and taxpayers; improve safety for pedestrians and vehicles; and maintain mobility for desired transit operations for all users. The work included for this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) includes the design and construction of a new granite paver system, realigned Transit Way, new trees, and new underground infrastructure to replace the Mall’s failing and deteriorating infrastructure in order to reduce safety concerns and the negative effects of frequent maintenance and repair activities to the Free MallRide service. The work also includes replicating the original pattern of the granite pavers with improved surface friction, use or replication of the existing light fixtures, delineating the pedestrian walkways from the Transit Way with an amenity zone, creating wider pedestrian walkways to better accommodate pedestrian volumes, and continuation of the Free MallRide on the Mall between Denver Union Station and Civic Center Station.


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